NNRC Is Changing the Game for Court Reporters

The National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) is revolutionizing the field of court reporting.

The organization of national court reporters understands the amount of time lawyers spend on each case, both in and out of the courtroom, which is why they have created a seamless system that saves lawyers time and allows them to devote their energy and focus to the case itself rather than the external logistics.

Improving Court Reporting

The Bureau of Labor Statistics details the responsibilities of a court reporter, from the attendance of depositions to reviewing notes and clarifying technical terminology. While the list of responsibilities may seem extensive, NNRC not only fulfills them but continues to aim higher by not only covering those responsibilities, but by also including expedited transcripts, work flexibility, and fully-equipped conference rooms.

Members of NNRC become a part of a team of highly-trained professionals who have grown their resumes and skill-sets.

The NNRC wants to ensure that court reporters of the highest caliber are available to lawyers nation-wide. With the NNRC’s directory, every lawyer, no matter their location across the country, can search the directory online and find an NNRC office with highly-trained reporters ready to work.

If a lawyer in Ohio needed a highly-skilled and competent Columbus court reporter, they need to look no further than the NNRC website to find the court reporter they need.

Advances in the Digital Age

NNRC didn’t just create a network of court reporters; they anticipated lawyers’ trial needs by partnering with inData® Corporation to allow lawyers access to the most innovative trial presentation tools.

Because jurors have become so tech-savvy, they are more likely to engage with a case and connect with a lawyer’s argument if they are looking at and working with bright, high-quality, thoughtful presentations.

And because the trial technicians have assisted in the creation of presentations and become extremely familiar with the topic and information, they can ensure that the presenter never misses a beat while in court.

More Than a Trial

Because so much of a case occurs outside of the courtroom, NNRC wants to be there for lawyers with assistance before, during, and after the case is presented in court.

Lawyers refined their talents through years of research and presentation; NNRC wants to allow lawyers to flourish while reporters handle the technical aspects of case delivery.

NNRC Membership

As a member of NNRC, court reporters not only become a part of a revolutionary organization, their company is added to the directory lawyers will turn to whenever they want to hire high-quality reporters.

They will also be included in referral programs, national marketing campaigns, and cost-saving programs so that they won’t just grow financially, but they will establish their company in a national market.

When a firm joins NNRC, they will be amongst many other satisfied members who are growing their professional name and creating a new identity for the court reporting industry.

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