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When one thinks about the world of court reporting, they often think about a person sitting in the corner of a court room silently typing away at a little machine. This assessment isn’t an incorrect one—but there is so much more to the world of court reporting than the eye beholds. Being able to accurately, quickly, and fluently record the events of a hearing is a skill many don’t have. It requires a professional who is dedicated to their clients’ work, and continually honing their craft. Court reporters work hand-in-hand with attorneys and paralegals to assure their case runs as smoothly as possible.

Meeting the Demands of Today’s Attorneys

But these days, court reporting firms are required to keep up with more than the already arduous work that comes with being a certified reporter. Court reporting firms are far more than home to expert stenographers. Take Anderson Reporting, for instance. These Ohio court reporters have been serving the state for more than 30 years, and they have seen the court reporting world mold and adapt to fit the growing list of requirements legal professionals have. The firm specializes in a wide variety of litigation services to fit each and every one of their clients’ needs.

Legal videography and videoconferencing have become staples of the court reporting industry. That is why Anderson Reporting provides their clients with the best equipment available to them in the world of litigation. They also offer trial presentation, media writing solutions, realtime reporting, and more.

The Columbus court reporters also understand the importance of being fluent in a variety of areas of practice. Having an understanding of the terminology that comes with civil rights law is completely different from environmental and natural resources law. When court reporters hesitate during a deposition, it leads to less accurate reporting. A full knowledge of the nuances of an area of law help ensure a higher caliber of reporting.

The Importance of Customer Service

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Unlike many court reporting firms, Anderson Reporting is independently-owned and operated. Bigger corporations lack the customer service that independent firms have. It allows them to truly focus on the details of a case, and as a result, truly form a customer with their clients.

“I can always count on Anderson Reporting,” Brandon Bell, a client of the firm says. “I feel like my individual needs are truly important to them. I never have to worry about any of my needs going unnoticed, or a job only being partially done. The reporters at Anderson Reporting do whatever they can to make sure my work is fulfilled each and every time.”

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Results are important, certainly. But if a client doesn’t feel that they are a priority, they won’t stick with a company. Quality customer service is one of the most important aspects of business a firm possesses. Bad customer service turns away clients. Dedicated care and professionalism keep a business alive. It is how Anderson Reporting has been able to thrive all these years.

For more information on the firm and their provided services, call (614) 325-0289, email ganderson@andersonreporting.com, or visit their offices.

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