Trends in Online Presence Building for Attorneys

Times change. In the past, a law firm could count on word of mouth and perhaps some basic forms of advertising (television, print, etc.) for a successful build up of cases. Today the Web and social media have changed all the rules for law firms when it comes to attracting new cases. This is especially true of personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys.

With today’s searches being conducted largely on smartphones, it is estimated that over 72% of new online visits are made from some form of mobile device, be it a tablet or smartphone. This means law firms and single practice lawyers must be more savvy than ever in their online presence. Details like having an active Facebook presence and making sure your website is mobile-friendly or responsive, can make the difference between attracting a multimillion dollar case and losing out to a competitor.

Other trends in online presence building include strategic partnerships with great online resources like or LegalSophia, to name two.

There are many ways having a strong web marketing campaign can make the difference between success and failure for attorneys today. More creative and outside-the-box approaches include social and strategic networking. The ways vary and a strong marketing presence takes a strong team. There are no shortcuts!

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